Help Make Zach & Frank’s Next Duet!


My piano duet buddy Zach and I have spent quite some time preparing this campaign, and at long last we are ready to release it! Since our graduation from Hartt, I have relocated to Arizona, and as a result our collaborative efforts have been greatly limited… long distance piano duets are frustrating and near-impossible because of lag time created by video chatting.

However, Zach and I have both managed to clear out our schedules from January 16th-24th. The goal of our campaign is to raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of a flight for him to visit, in order to crank out as many piano arrangements as humanly possible! Any additional donations will go towards improved equipment (cameras, lighting, etc.) and props for the videos.

We’ve offered a number of incentives to our patrons: mp3s, sheet music, behind-the-scenes content, Skype hangouts, choosing our next arrangement, and something a little crazy for one generous donor! Please leave a like and share this post if you’d like to support our upcoming arrangements… We are so eager to get back to collaborating again, and your support brings us one step closer to creating that next awesome piano duet!

Thanks for your support, and we’ll be posting some campaign updates along the way!

me zach looking